Proper color management, get the desired results in printing

A new screen should come with color temperature set to 5000K and brightness to 100cd / m2. After a few months of use the whites will have become warmer and the brightness will have decreased.

Colors vary from screen to screen. Sometimes even the same models that are corrected in the same way will have small differences if they have counted different hours of use.

For this reason, color calibrating a screen is necessary in order to return it to its original performance. Especially when a screen is to be used for graphic arts or photography, it is necessary to make this calibration every 200-300 hours of use in order to maintain the quality of your product.

Here at Filmora Professional Photo Lab, we can help you manage color, color-correct your screen or create a unique screen profile, which we will set to work permanently on your system.

We'll provide you with the necessary icc profiles of the printing papers. Using the profiles will assure the best color accuracy in your prints.

This service is available by appointment.

ICC Profiles:

Delivery: Within 24 hours

Where: In your space / In our laboratory

Install on Windows: Copy the .icc files to: C:Windowssystem32spooldriverscolor or right-click on the icc profile icon and select "install".

Install on Apple: Copy the .icc files to: LibraryColorSyncProfiles

In order to use color profiles correctly, the screen needs to be calibrated, first.

Download reference images using the link below. Come by our lab to receive the corresponding printed images.