Turn your favorite photograph into a work of art on your wall

Printing on Canvas is the ideal way to use your photographs - your favorite family moments, portraits of your friends or landscapes from your travels. Give a more personal note to the decoration of your home.

In Filmora Professional Photo Lab, we'll be happy to help you choose the ideal photo and the ideal print size, to examine the color quality and to make corrections if necessary.

We are able to build any size of frame. The process is done by our technicians and all of our frames are handcrafted. We use Poplar wood at 2.0 cm thick. The entire surface of the canvas can be printed, even the part that revolves around the edges.

You can pick the Canvas that suits your image best!

Sizes: 15x21cm - roll 110cm

Delivery: 3 working days *

Ink: LUCIA PRO Pigment Ink

* delivery time can change depending on the number of negatives

Hahnemühle Canvas Artist 340g/m²

Canvas Artist is a genuine heavy, artistic canvas. The special coating and its natural white color are ideal for reproducing works of art, but also for printing high quality photos. It is made using a mixture of cotton and polyester, and weighs 340g/m². The excellent features of this canvas give detailed color prints and shades of gray, as well as optimal color depth.


Hahnemühle Photo Canvas 320g

Photo Canvas is a finely weaved canvas, consisting of a polyester and cotton blend. Its shiny white surface has a matte finish, designed for optimal photo reproduction and excellent print quality. It features a wide tonal gradation, wide color gamut, excellent image sharpness and a high D-max rating, ensuring impressive performance for both color and monochrome prints.