An classic way to deliver your photos

In our workshop you will find wooden usb sticks made of quality bamboo canes, and optionally accompanied by a wooden or a paper box.

If you are a professional photographer this may be a very chic way for you to deliver your photographs to your clients. Or perhaps, to gift those vacation photographs to your friends and family.

The sticks are USB 3.0 and are available in 8gb, 16gb and 32gb, and in three different shapes: classic, large and rounded.

For a more personalized result, consider of printing your logo using pyrography on the wooden USB drives and their boxes, or UV printing on the paper ones.

Capacity: 8gb*, 16gb, 32gb

Delivery: within 24 hours **

* available only in classic

** Delivery time may vary depending on the number of pieces

Black paper box
Gray fabric box
Craft paper box
Rounded, Large, Classic USB Sticks