For lovers of analog photography and Lomo enthusiasts

We are proud of the quality of our processing, a service that has kept us high in demand since 1997.

With continuous weekly checks of our chemicals by specialized experts, we give your negatives all the care that they need.

We process and print from the majority of films (APS, 110, 135, 120, 220) and deliver within 24 hours.

There is, of course, the option of scanning on the mighty Hasselblad Flextight X5 or on the Noritsu QSS-3411 scanner.

A sample of our processing scanned on the Flextight X5.

Photography by Yannis Saroukos
Photography: Giannis Saroukos

Format: APS, 110, 135, 120, 220

Delivery: within 3 working days *

Scanning: APS, 135, 120, 220

Print: APS, 135, 120, 220

* delivery time can change depending on the number of negatives