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Everything the photographer needs

Special Services

We provide a complete package of services

We like what we do, we like to see our customers happy, we like working creatively for creative people. We give emphasis to detail and strive for perfection in all areas.

Our team works daily with the aim of providing services that will meet even the most demanding needs.

We work flawlessly with professional photographers from all over Europe and Greece since 1997 until today.

We are constantly adding new products to our already large range, we make sure we are up to date with new trends, and we are always ready to put your ideas into practice.


Free Color Correction

We color correct your images during the printing process with no extra charge. We make sure to deliver exactly what you need, without any color deviations.


Quick delivery

Much has changed since the golden age of film photography. However, the speed with which we deliver remains the same, along with the quality that's made our lab famous.


Competitive prices

We have verifiably, the best value for money on the market. We exclusively use top quality materials for our products.


Courier Service Available

If you are unable to come to our lab, it is possible to send and receive your order by courier. Contact us for further information. (courier services are paid by the client).

A sample of our Color Correction


A few words about our Laboratory

Our History

Twenty years of history and counting

Our company was created in 1997 in Exarchia by Mr. Giannis Kypriotis in order to cater to the needs of the professional photographer. At that time most photographers used film, and Fiomora Photolab was one of the first labs to be able to process and print in less than an hour. Greatly appreciated for the quality, along with the speed and reliability, the clients' loyalty that the lab earned back then continues to this day.

Since then, as the photographic industry evolved Filmora Photolab evolved right alongside of it. Our continuous research and open communication with our clients has allowed us to remain at the top of our industry and to keep introducing new products to cover a wide range of services.

Here, you will find reliable solutions and top-quality materials with the best value for money rate. From photochemical prints, to film processing and editing, to large format fine art prints. Album layouts, handcrafted book-binding and innovative album styles, our lab covers a wide range of services.

Our lab's located in the culturally rich neighbourhood of Exarcheia in the heart of Athens and right behind the famous Archaelogical Museum of Athens. You'll find us on 18 Mpoumpoulinas Str, in our 300m² space, housing our state-of-the-art printing machines as well as our bookbinding department.

We invite you to visit our lab and to take a look at our facilities. Check out our materials and get inspired by our experienced and creative staff.


We give all our attention to every project, and we make sure that we deliver the best possible result.


Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with all the information that will help your project reach its highest level.


Filmora Photolab takes pride in being a reliable asset in every excelling photographer's arsenal.


We make sure to constantly offer new products and services according to market trends. We constantly update our equipment to stay ahead of the curve.

20 Years of Experience in Film Processing

Trust the experts with the processing of your film.

We are proud of our processing quality, a service that Filmora has been known for since 1997. We keep our chemicals in check with weekly tests by a group of certified experts so rest assured that your negatives are given the utmost care.

Printing & Color Correction

Trust us for perfect color results

We color correct all images before printing, manually. We calibrate our screens and machinery daily. That way we make sure to have no deviations between our screens and printed material.

Image Editing by our Experts

Ready to meet the challenges of even the most demanding Photographers

We like to work creatively for creative people. Our graphic designers are ready to meet the challenges of even the most demanding photographers. We pay all our attention to every project you bring us, and we make sure you always have the best possible result.

Handcrafted Bookbinding

Many years of experience and emphasis on detail

The bookbinding process is done by hand by our specialized crew, with great attention and care, from the first step to the last. Our team of experienced bookbinders are here to bring your idea to life with top level craftsmanship.


The way to amazing results

No matter what, we make sure to continue adding new machines with highly advanced technology to keep in touch with the rapid development of our industry.


Meet the people of our lab


General Manager


Front Desk / Film Processing


Printing / Scanning






Graphic Design / Retouching

We are here to make sure that you have the best quality of service and the most vivid colors in your prints. We give all of our attention to the design and bookbinding of your album, always with the friendliest service.

For new clients that wish to work with us, we offer the options below!

1. Get to know us

Take a closer look at our facilities and samples of our products.

2. Tell us your idea

If you have thought of something different, we can manufacture it.

3. Ways of cooperation

Long distance or short, we can find ways to make it work.

4. Try us!

We can print a sample for you so that you see the results on the spot.

We are always by your side!

There are many options that will make it easier for you to work with us, in terms of sending files online and shipping prints all over Greece, as well as various payment methods. Come and see what suits your needs!


We are at your disposal


Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00


18 Mpoumpoulinas St.
Athens 10682, Greece


+30 210 33 00 000
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+30 694 82 63 175


If you have any questions

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