Hasselblad Flextight X5
Hasselblad Flextight X5
Noritsu SI-2400
Noritsu SI-2400

Scan your negatives in incomparable quality

In our lab, two film scanners are at your disposal. The migthy Flextight X5 by Hasselblad and the Noritsu SI-2400 scanner.

Το Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner series. The unsurpassed quality and accuracy of your film reproduction make it one of the best scanners in the world. The 3F file format the images are scanned in has a resolution of 16 bits per color. This way the entire color gamut of the original is extracted from the original.

Availability: all formats  

Resolution 1mb – >300mb

Delivery: 3 working days *

* delivery time can change depending on the number of negatives

With a scan resolution up to 8000dpi (35mm), 16bit color depth and files delivered in FFF, TIFF (> 300mb), the possibilities are endless, and the results are simply astonishing.

Some examples of scans with Flextight X5:

Φωτογραφία: Παναγιώτης Λάμπρου
Φωτογραφία: Παναγιώτης Λάμπρου
Φωτογραφία: Παναγιώτης Λάμπρου
Φωτογραφία: Παναγιώτης Λάμπρου
Photography: Panagiotis Lambrou

Scanning Resolution of Hasselblad Flextight X5:

  • 135mm                          7685x11459px/8000dpi       65.07×97.02cm/300dpi
  • 120mm – 6×6                6985x7036px/3222dpi         59.14×59.57cm/300dpi
  • 120mm – 6×7                6985x8828px/3222dpi         59.14×74.74cm/300dpi
  • 120mm – 6×9                6985x10077px/3222dpi       59.14×85.32cm/300dpi
  • 10×12.5cm sheet        7515x9359px/2040dpi         63.63×79.24cm/300dpi
  • mounted slides       4527x6683px/5000dpi         38.33×56.58cm/300dpi

*in case you want a higher resolution (full frame) remove the slides from their mount

The Noritsu SI-2400 scanner offers fast, high quality scans from 1mb up to a 100mb. It can scan 135 & 120, color or black & white negatives and slides. The Digital ICE technology cleans the dust and scratches from the base of the film with great precision. The Digital ICE technology can not be applied to black and white film and framed slides.

The Noritsu SI-2400 offers a wide range of options to suit your needs, from scanning for simple file previews to high-resolution scanning for large prints.

Some examples of scans with Noritsu SI-2400:


Scanned files are delivered with a resolution of 72dpi. The printable dimensions are noted below.

Scanning Resolution of Noritsu SI-2400:

Film 135

  • 1.10mb     512x768px       4.33×6.50cm/300dpi
  • 4.50mb     1024x1536px   8.67×13.00cm/300dpi
  • 18.0mb     2048x3072px   17.34×26.00cm/300dpi
  • 75.0mb     4181x6272px   35.40×53.10cm/300dpi

Film 135 panoramic - 24x58,5mm

  • 1.83mb     512x1250px      4.33×10.58cm/300dpi
  • 7.32mb     1024x2500px    8.67×21.17cm/300dpi
  • 29.3mb     2048x5000px    17.34×42.33cm/300dpi
  • 122mb      4181x10206px  35.40×86.41cm/300dpi

Film 120 - 6x4.5

  • 1.01mb     512x699px       4.33×5.90cm/300dpi
  • 4.10mb     1024x1398px   8.67×11.84cm/300dpi
  • 16.4mb     2048x2796px   17.34×23.67cm/300dpi
  • 48.8mb     3533x4824px   29.91×40.84cm/300dpi

Film 120 - 6x6

  • 0.78mb     512x520px       4.33×4.40cm/300dpi
  • 3.04mb     1024x1039px   8.67×8.80cm/300dpi
  • 12.2mb     2048x2079px   17.34×17.60cm/300dpi
  • 65.8mb     4832x4760px   40.30×40.90cm/300dpi

Film 120 - 6x7

  • 0.94mb     512x628px       4.33×5.32cm/300dpi
  • 3.68mb     1024x1255px   8.67×10.63cm/300dpi
  • 14.7mb     2048x2510px   17.34×21.25cm/300dpi
  • 81.3mb     5902x4815px   40.77×49.97cm/300dpi

Film 120 - 6x8

  • 1.01mb     512x690px       4.33×5.84cm/300dpi
  • 4.05mb     1024x1381px   8.67×11.69cm/300dpi
  • 16.2mb     2048x2761px   17.34×23.38cm/300dpi
  • 92.7mb     4832x4903px   41.51×55.96cm/300dpi

Film 120 - 6x9

  • 1.09mb     512x745px       4.33×6.31cm/300dpi
  • 4.37mb     1024x1491px   8.67×12.62cm/300dpi
  • 17.5mb     2048x2982px   17.34×25.25cm/300dpi
  • 100mb      4903x7139px   41.51×60.44cm/300dpi

Framed Slides

  •     –                      –                             –
  • 4.59mb     1024x1570px   8.67×13.29cm/300dpi
  • 18.3mb     2048x3140px   17.34×26.59cm/300dpi
  •     –                      –                             –